Choco GuateMaya

Cacao - Food of the Gods



ADAC is an association composed of cocoa farmers and is conformed since the year 2010.  ADAC has 140 members which in their totally possess more than 190 hectares of the cocoa crop.  The cocoa crop is being produced in 7 indigenous communities in the region of Cahabon, one of the poorest regions of the Alta Verapaz department in Guatemala.
The production level in the Cahabon region is one of the best in the entire country of Guatemala (350kg/ha), mostly because the plantations are mature, but still very far from the desired level of 1,000kg/ha.
The genetic material found in the cocoa farms is very much diversified.  An opportunity for ADAC would be to reduce the varieties in a more uniform way in order to reach more specialized markets. In the plantations, 70% of the cocoa trees are hybrids and the other 30% are grafted trees, but without knowing the genetic variety.
The good side is that ADAC and its donors are investing time and energy through investigations and analysis in order to better know the material in the region and with the intention to promote the best variety adapted to the region, and asked for in the markets.  One important point that is being looked at is that the selected varieties need to meet the production requirements to ensure the proper yield and return on investment, generating the much needed profits to the cocoa producing families.
ADAC is also receiving technical assistance on proper plantation and crop management to ensure that their cocoa trees offer a high-yield production.  Through this training program farmers also learn on to select and reproduce the best varieties with some grafting techniques, and how to properly ferment and dry the product.
ADAC is learning how to strengthen its organizational capacity but it still needs support from their current donors and future ones in order to produce a high-quality fermented and dried cocoa grain.
ADAC is funded mostly  by FUNDASISTEMA